The new Storm Speeder is on it's way with its three variants.

via WarCom

"The Storm Speeder is the latest innovation to emerge from the forges of Belisarius Cawl. It’s more heavily armed and armoured than any previous Land Speeder – so much so that it requires a second gunner to control its myriad weapon systems. 

Yet despite its increased size and weight, the brutal power of Cawl’s repulsor field technology – the result of advanced modifications to the Land Speeder’s anti-gravitic plates – enables a Storm Speeder to match the speed and agility of its lighter predecessor. With three different variants available, the Space Marines always have exactly the right tool for the job.****

The Storm Speeder is on its way early next year, so you won’t have long to wait to add its formidable firepower to your arsenal. "

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