We are doing a submission giveaway for What's On Your Table. One lucky submission chosen at random will get a $50 credit/giftcard to a Gaming Company of your choice. (as long as they do gift cards). Send in up to 8 pics or a short video to natfka@live.com

So lets get your submissions in on what you have on your table. This lasts through the end of the year. The winner will be random from every submission sent in.

This is 3rd platoon of Whiskey company 1,472nd Regiment "Orphan Scum" of the Orgellian Crusade task force. The Imperium's ways of waging war mean most formations have a pretty short shelf life. The 1,472nd is one of the battle groups many dregs regiments, each a collection of survivors of shattered formations, press ganged "volunteers", or penal troops. As both veterans and abhumans the Orphan Scum are aware they're even more expendable then most and they'll be feasting in the Emporer's halls before long.


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