The Nova Open Charitable Foundation has a 10th Annirsery Space Marine army that was created specifically for this years Nova Open. The models were professionally painted up in a new paint scheme and are part of this years Summer Raffles.

Now GW has gone and made them Canon and is (or will be) making them an official part of the Adeptus Astartes. That is simply amazing. You could even win this army professionally painted for the Summer Raffles, and the first of it's kind.

Check this post out.....

Mike Brandt on Facebook.
"What if GW added this year's charity army to its official canon?"

Just a heads up, Mike wouldn't post this if it was not happening. Personal experience with Mike and his family has shown them to be class acts. If you don't know... Mike runs the Nova Open and his mother runs the NOCF charity. He is also very much responsible for a ton of playtesting and his roles in the Kill Team rules.

Be a part of the history. Here is a link to the Summer Raffles for this army.

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