Amazing artwork like always draws us into the the new releases from the Black Library. There is quite a bit here, as the June 16th is the date for the Black Library Live 2018 (get tickets quickly to these), and a few new book releases like Guy Haley's Wolfsbane, and David Guymer's The Voice of Mars.

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There was also exciting news about another Black Library event you’ll be able to attend soon – Black Library Live! 2018. Black Library’s celebration of all things Warhammer is back at the spiritual home of our hobby, Warhammer World, on Saturday the 16th of June 2018. Join the team for a day of seminars and signings with some of your favorite authors. Tickets will be on sale soon, so keep your eyes peeled – and of course we’ll keep you updated with the latest information about the event.
Now let our gaze drift to May, as it’s time to reveal a few of the books and audios that you’ll be able to get your hands on in that far-off month. In keeping with the weekend just gone, let’s start in the Horus Heresy
The series continues to move forward, and in a big way, as Guy Haley’sWolfsbane pits Space Wolf against (former) Luna Wolf. Leman Russ finally makes his move on Horus, determined to cut the head from the traitorous horde before it can reach Terra. We have a sneaking suspicion that it’s not going to go well for the Wolf King, but we can’t wait to see him clash with the Warmaster.
There’s more Heresy in the second of Josh Reynolds’ Blackshields audio dramas, The Red Fief. This tale follows Endryd Haar and his war-weary renegades as they answer a distress call from an old friend and once more find themselves in the heart of a war they’re desperate to escape. Check out the first story, False War to find out more about Haar’s Blackshields.
Moving forward ten thousand years, David Guymer returns to the Iron Hands in The Voice of Mars. Like the previous novel, The Eye of Medusa, this story has a focus on the relationship between the Iron Hands and theAdeptus Mechanicus and sees Iron Father Kristos discover hidden secrets and lurking dangers within the Chapter when he is tasked with unlocking mysterious aeldari artefacts.
In the Mortal Realms, Death is rising – and specifically Neferata: Mortarch of Blood is on the move, in a brand new Warhammer Age of Sigmar limited edition novel by David Annandale. As the title suggests, the novel is about Neferata as she wages a ccenturies-long war on a neighbouring kingdom of the dead. It’s going to be a long wait until May, but you can get a hint of what’s to come by checking out the short story ‘The Dance of the Skulls’, which is a prequel to the novel.
Finally, we continue our look back at the defining sagas of the world-that-was in The War of Vengeance, a Warhammer Chronicles trilogy by Nick Kyme, Chris Wraight and C L Werner, which charts the centuries-long story of the war between the elves and dwarfs (or aelves and duardin, as they are known these days). From the first blow to the cataclysmic conclusion, it’s a tale of drama and adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat.

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