2014 is basically done and gone, and now its time to look ahead at 2015. We have had a lot of rumors floating around, and its tough to distinguish when and if rumored releases are coming. Here is a good look ahead at what Games Workshop will be bringing us in 2015. It looks like a great year is on the horizon.

Please remember that this is a rumored release schedule for 2015. The first part is a great line up by Steve the Warboss who has taken the time to put these into context for us. The second is a compilation of rumored releases that may be coming.

via Steve the Warboss on Faeit 212
Here is my rumored Timeline, based on the information I have and what I rumored the last months

Skaven, Endtimes 4


Codex or Armybook releases

Maybe Endtimes 5

Warhammer 9th, new Starter Set

Codex Chaos Space Marines, New Campagin Set, Codex Dark Angels

Armybook Empire

Other rumors
Other Rumored Additions to this list based on other rumors. I have rated these as I have been filtering through the information. Notice that the Harlequins seem very much verified as coming from several unrelated sources, and the information coming in from multiple sources bring the Ad Mech Skitarii up to 4 stars. Deathwatch, I am still on the fence for this rumor, as its possible some of it may have been misidentified.

*** = Normal Rumor, most will fall here. Many have some truth to them, but there has been no verification's or other sources giving solid insight into this. 
**** = Reliable Rumor. Other good sources are verifying this, other information not included say this is being worked on/coming or the source is very reliable all on their own. 

January Details
January 10- Blood Angels army box (Sanguine Strike force, £105), Clampack character. Details here

January 31- Codex Necrons, Clampack character, and an army box (possibly scheduled later) – Look for some reboxings of certain sets as well.

Other Releases
Harlequins **** - February?
Deathwatch ***- No release timeline
Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii ****- No release timeline

Asdrubael Vect ****- January/February....March?
Plastic Cult Troops ***- No release timeline

2015 may well be summed up as the quoted
"Year of the Supplements and Campaigns" for 40k
"9th Edition for Warhammer Fantasy"
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