As 2015 starts up, there will be one question on many 40k gamer's minds, are we finally going to get a good Adepta Sororitas codex release with plastics? Of course its probably the investment and the time to focus on the Sister's of Battle that is holding them up. Over the years we have had many rumors about the models being done or problems with some of the sculpts, but that plastics are being worked on.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial series, discussing what is currently on my mind, about the state of the hobby, and future releases. Often these are subjects that have come up at the gaming table lately.

We had seen the Sister's of Battle in the most recent Shield of Baal Campaign,so obviously we have been given a little taste of the Adepta Sororitas, with just enough to let us know that they will not get dropped or forgotten about completely.

So yes, this is one of those "where are they" articles, because after their treatment in the last couple editions its way past time for a real codex. Already we are hearing Harlequins possibly in February/ March, a campaign in April/May, but nothing yet on the one army that needs a big release this year, Adepta Sororitas.

I would hope that we would see this codex less neglected in the near future for 2015. If this year is the year of supplement's and campaigns, Sister's of Battle could do well with a full codex release.

For now though, it seems that after Necron's are done, Games Workshop is considering all the codices caught up, and will start to turn back to the line up we saw in 6th edition with Dark Angels and Chaos Marines with another campaign.

I believe there are several armies that need to be updated, and Sister's are at the top of that list with new plastics, units and a full codex release.

So do the Sister's of Battle look good for 2015? I hardly think so.
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