Are there Adeptus Mechanicus Images floating around? It seems like there might be. Of course I have not yet found them anywhere, but that doesnt mean they dont exist, or prove that we are going to be seeing the Adeptus Mechanicus anytime soon. Up next after all are the Necrons, followed most likely by Harlequins.

Please remember that what we are talking about below are rumors.

It seems that there is an image making the rounds of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and Larry over at Bols has seen it. He is confirming the Adeptus Mechanicus, and saying the image he has seen matches up with the first description we had a few days back. This one in particular, is the one I believe he is talking about.
I have a little information for you on a new 40k Faction. Ive seen artwork of two soldiers in heavy but clunky grey body armour and helm, with one wielding an odd looking plasma pistol of sorts. The most striking thing about the image, with smoke and laser fire in the background, is the draping of the red cloth beneath the shoulder plating, and a symbol of the Adeptus Mechanicus on the main figures chest.

Here is what he said in relation to it.
the big news is that a high quality image matching the EXACT description from the first half of the rumors is also doing the rounds and we can confirm its existence.  So at this point we feel comfortable putting forward the information for the community.

Now I am not going to leave you with just a he said she said. After all I am sure if there are these images floating around, someone here would of seen them by now. What I do have though is another sighting of what may be the Adeptus Mechanicus Dragoon mentioned yesterday. Yesterday's source mentioned that this may be a dual kit.

yesterday's link.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212 
Ive seen a walker bearing the ad mech symbols on it. The walker has a horizontal pilot hooked up to the machine with optical lenses for the pilots sight, and little mechanical grabbers that extend out from the pilots hands. There is a gunner on top in red robes and odd looking armor that reminds me of the tempestus armor except for larger eye lenses. The walker has sentinel legs, and the weapon up top is a ornate twin-linked lascannon.

I am hoping that we will be able to get more information on this as we turn over the new year. Adeptus Mechanicus would definitely be my next army (besides some harlequin bikes to add to my harlequin collection). I also would have to pick up a new Imperial Knight to specifically go alongside them.

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