Any news of Dark Eldar coming is enough to wake me up today after gaming until sunrise. Could Dark Eldar really be coming this early?

A Voidraven Bomber listed at $81.00 and a new Incubi box set at $29.75 are mentioned, which would be very exciting. I would expect that an $81 Voidraven would be a massive model. Even at that price though, I would already want to 2-3. Time to start saving up.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via Father Gabe
Looked at update on next months releases.  Dark Eldar are likely coming.  Codex, limited edition codex, supplement, dataslates. Voidraven bomber @ $81.00 and new Incubi @ 29.75 which likely means plastic incubi.  

Supply system updated, whether that means next month or not, Im not sure. It would make sense, since Orks are bleeding over into July release.  To help support that info, no changes in supply system for Bretonians. 
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