Over the last year we have had several things happen to our beloved game. Prices increases and better codexes, and even more recently, updated FAQ's. Even though all of us complain about GW to some extent, I am more than happy seeing the price increases alongside a better game. Many of you I'm sure are going to say that there is no correlation but I have to disagree.

While recent news had sales down and profits up, it really comes down to profits to make a company work. Load the company up with profits in a very competitive and dangerous market, and perhaps we have an atmosphere that has pushed GW to create and maintain the game that we have always wanted to see.

I am also going to credit the online warhammer community for getting all the issues into the forefront. It is now easier than ever for GW designers to get a feel for what is going on and being said around the globe in every aspect of the game. It really doesnt matter how much planning and playtesting is done, issues will come about once we get ahold of the latest new codex or models. It seems after all these years that they are finally starting to take as much of an interest in the game as we are.

That being said, I am also of the belief that GW is really in control of every leak we get. Every little bit, there is someone there letting this and that slip out, just to see if we can find it. The first images of the Stormraven a mistake? or planned? We tend to think of GW as a bunch of idiots, but have we ever stopped to think that they have surpassed us, and are sitting back to see just how fast we pick up on what they let out?

One last thing, GW if you are reading this, errata my court of the archon.
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