Yesterday I was discussing unit efficency vs spam. The blog took on a listbuilding mentality, and I figured I would break it down. Here are the three things I thought you should consider for your lists and the units within them. I will break them down into a three articles.

101. Purpose
102. Cohesiveness
103. Efficiency

Class 101. Purpose. While this seems simple, people often forget about what their units are supposed to be doing, they do it without thinking of it, or they never even consider what the units job is. You should know and actively think about what the unit's job is.

This list is not inclusive, but gives you some ideas of what your units should be built for killing on the battlefield. Light armor, Heavy armor, infantry, hordes, objective holding, and objective contesting. There can be more, and some units can often fill multiple roles, that depends entirely on what you like to do on the battlefield.

Its simple, but take a good look at your list and what units are in it. Do they have a job to do? Can something else do this job better?
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