Here is my most current army. It is the Imperial Guard with my two inquisitors. The army is built mostly with cadians, becuase they are easy to work with.
Notice the artillery with with Hyrda Autocannon support. I have made these so that all my heavy artillery pieces can slide in and out of the hulls. Allowing me playing options with hydras, basilisks, collosses, deathstrike, etc options.
One the troop side, lots of veterans, with one unit of catachan devils (harker) made from goliaths, one platoon and loads of chimeras. I have more, but they are not painted yet.
The psyker battle squads are made from empire flagilents with custom guns, mostly german world war two guns. HQ is a company command squad, and an Inquisitor Lord. There are a couple assassins down there as well. A culexus and callidus assassin. The two default leman russes I've had for a long time. Unless I can figure out how they can become really effective, they will no longer see a battlefield.
Other than that, I am working on more options, and my ard boyz lists for may 15th. So more models will be completed for that. 1 more platoon, more chimeras, etc.
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