The whole Necromunda range going to Last Chance to Buy is rather odd, so possibly this rumor has it going to Online Only as is suggested down there.
Regardless of the outcome, it seems that something is going on, and only time will tell. It could also mean that the entire line is going to Forgeworld, so there are plenty of directions this could go.

I do though hope that turns out to be not correct. After all there are a lot of gangs that seemed to be on the scheduled release list.

Please remember that right now we do not know the details, but our source (a rather good one) was very concerned over what this means. As always until we get more details, please take all rumors with a grain of salt.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Some bad news: The whole Necromunda range will apparently goes last chance to buy. However noone knows at the moment whether it just means that stores will not receive them any longer and that it will be moved to Online Only or whether the whole  range is gonna stop..

Answers have come in.....
This is what was said.
This is a normal process in GW Stores.
Stores only have a finite amount of room and special games will leave 
stores after a few month to make room for new products.
Happened with Blood Bowl, happened with Shadespire in Europe and now its 
Necromunda and whatever next Specialist game will come after that.

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