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Constantin Valdor, Captain-General of the Legio Custodes
Constantin Valdor sits at the right hand of the Emperor as perhaps His most trusted companion and guardian, a watchman of inviolable purpose and all but unmatched fighting skill. Such in fact is Valdor’s martial power and superhuman physical and mental abilities that there are those, even within the Imperial Court, who have in whispers called him ‘Primarch’ in all but name. This is no doubt a disingenuous claim, as for all his power Valdor was made and trained to serve a different and far more focused purpose, that of Lord Commander of the Custodian Guard, and to Valdor the petty concerns of conquest and glory, dominion and victory are as nothing when compared to his own sworn duty.

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Few heroes of the Imperium are as revered and storied as Constantin Valdor. From the earliest days of Unity, he stood at the Emperor’s right hand, leading the Custodian Guard into battle and defending his liege with every breath. He fought at Prospero, aiding Leman Russ in his mission to bring Magnus to heel, and as Daemons invaded Terra, he fought below the Imperial Palace to defend all that the Master of Mankind had sought to build. Though his final fate remains unclear, it is certain that he fought bravely in the Siege of Terra and killed many traitor champions.

And now you can add him to your Horus Heresy armies. Constantin Valdor, Captain-General of the Legio Custodes is the latest in the Horus Heresy Character Series, and what a model it is. Like all the Character Series, Valdor comes with a scenic base, depicting shattered ruins that could be Prospero or the Imperial Palace, and he is dynamically posed, as if ready to strike down an approaching foe.

Valdor’s armour is recognisably that of the Legio Custodes, though more ornate and with unique decoration not found on any of his fellows, notably lion’s heads. He wears the pelt and skull of some great beast over one shoulder and a stylised wing on the other, marking him out as over and above even the greatest heroes of the Legio Custodes. His cloak is billowing, the movement echoed by Oaths of Moment attached to his armour, and he has a unique halo and his deadly Apollonian spear to further individualise him. Valdor is bare-headed, his mohawk matching depictions of him from classic Horus Heresy artwork. 

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