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Rumored Release Dates for Drukhari and Idoneth Deepkin

Here is a a couple rumors that have the Dark Eldar and the Idoneth Deepkin launches. Two things that have been on the radar, plus a list of what we will see for the Idoneth Deepkin (which also suggests nothing new for Dark Eldar coming.... Poor Vect)

As always these are currently rumors with no official announcement yet.  Huge thanks to La Voz De Horus for sharing these with us today.

via La Voz De Horus
On April 21, most of the Idoneth Deepkin are released with pre-order on April 14, a week after the Drukhari .

That would mean, in case the rumor is accurate, that April 7 would be the launch (or perhaps the pre-order) of the new Codex: Drukhari .

via Cinderfall Gaming

21st Of April release for the bulk of stuff and preorders on the 14th, week after Drukhari. 
2 Named Characters
3 Generic Characters/ Unit Kits
2 Dual Kits 
The Shipwreck model shown in the fish bowl promo video is called an Ethryic Vortex