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Centaurs From Hell: Some Crazy Good Miniatures.

Some crazy sculpts from Raging Heroes that would be so much fun to have in an army. Amazing sculpts as usual.

via Raging Heroes
Fused with the bodies of their own slaves, the Centaurs are a vision of galloping madness like only the mind of the Lust Elves can create...
Here come 3 new limited packs with unreleased Lust Elves models, only 20 of each available:

EXCLUSIVE Exalted Ravagers Pack - Save 17%

6 unreleased Centaurs, Troops and Command Group

EXCLUSIVE Exalted Ravagers EXTENDED Pack - Save 20%

6 unreleased Centaurs + Keshyrii, Centaur heroine

EXCLUSIVE Exalted Despoilers Pack - Save 15%

10 unreleased Skinners or Flesh Eaters + 6 unreleased Centaurs + Keshyrii, Centaur heroine