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Dread Solstice Week 4

The Dread Solstice Global Campaign is preparing to enter it's 4th week, with Chronomantic Magic being thrown around, there are 3 more options to choose from.

Ive been loosely following this, although not in the campaign. My suggestion of the three options..... Embrace the Darkness. You know you want to.

via the Warhammer Community

This week in Dread Solstice, you were faced with a dilemma that troubles us all at some point in life – “how do I deal with a gigantic hell-orb full of Khornate warriors that want to slaughter me, my friends and everyone we love?”
The solution was clear – construct a gigantic piece of arcane artillery and use it to blast these interlopers back through time itself. Aqshy is littered with the remnants of ancient empires and, gathering together sorcerers, scryers and engineers, you’ve constructed a chronomantic cannon – a weapon that inverts the timestream of anyone it hits. By targeting the Orb Infernia, you’ve undone Korghos Khul’s victories and reset it to an earlier point in its history – where the Seraphon who defended it still lived and the balance between the powers of Chaos prevented anyone from taking full control.
While you may have managed to stop the threat to the Realm of Fire, there will be consequences. For one, the Orb Infernia still stands, and for another, there’s a massive time-destroying superweapon now active in Aqshy – Sigmar knows what happens should it fall into the hands of the enemy… At the very least, your wizards can now harness powerful chronomantic magics in your games:

Additionally, your mucking about with time has accelerated the coming of the Black Void – an all-consuming nothingness from between the realms that feasts on stolen hours. Time is, quite literally, running out – and so, in the next week of the campaign, the final and most important chapter begins. As you descend to Shyish to bring the fight to Nagash’s doorstep, your actions now could change the fate of the Mortal Realms – and possibly stop the Great Work before it’s even begun. Choose wisely!
Prepare your armies and check out the details for the next week in full on the Dread Solstice website.