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via Lord Asvaldis from the Dark City forums
So I took detailed notes from the BoLS video which can be found here
I think I wrote down everything they wrote down in the video, but they missed a few items.

Archon 70
Heamonculus 70
Succubus 50

Kabalites 6
-blaster 17
-splinter cannon 10
Wyches 8
-Ossefactor 7
-Liquidator 11

Mandrakes 16
Incubi 16

Reavers 19
-heat lance 12
Hellions 14
Scourges 12
-haywire blaster 8

Talos 75
Cronos 65
Ravager 80
-disintigrator cannons 15

Raiders 65
-splinter wracks 10
Venom 55
-grisly trophies 2

Razorwing 105
Voidraven 155

Couple things that stood out to me from the video:
You now need archons to unlock courts, and beastmasters to unlock beasts. The court thing doesn't bother me at all, but the beastmaster change is really going to impact how I use razorwing flocks, as I used to use 5 flocks of 3. I also really hope the beastmaster went down in pts, he used to be around 50pts I want to say? Just too expensive for a character that has about the same attack output as a single hellion. 

I really want to try scourges with haywire blasters. They went down to 8 pts, and went upto d3 shots so I'm not sure if they are worth it, blasters are probably more reliable but I think the mortal wounds will be nice on t8 vehicles, and literally half the pts cost of blasters isn't something to sneeze at. Will playtest that to see if it works. 

Confirmed trueborn/bloodbirdes being nixed, but 2 special weapons/1 heavy per ten man unit, which makes 10 mans more enticing. 

There are some really big pts drops in there, I suspect if I just took my old list and updated the pts I might make somewhere around 200pts which is huge. 

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