Warhammer 40,000 Conquest is a subscription to a magazine that comes with miniatures and instructions on how to paint them. Hachette Partworks just recently updated people interested with a notice that they have stopped publication.

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This was sent out a few days back to subscribers for the Warhammer 40,000 Conquest
"Thank you for subscribing to Warhammer 40,000: Conquest.

We would like to inform you that we have paused the publication of this  
title but we are hoping to launch the collection nationally in the near  

We will be sure to keep you informed of any developments via email, and if  
we do launch the collection nationally we will send you the first 3 issues  
of the collection for free as a thank you for supporting Warhammer 40,000:  
Conquest from the beginning.

Please rest assured that your account has not been charged at all. If you’d  
like any more information please contact us via one of the methods above.

Kind regards
Hachette Partworks Ltd."

What is Warhammer Conquest.........
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via Warhammer Conquest 

of Warhammer 40,000 miniatures week-by-week and lead them into battle with your friends. Every issue of Conquest includes amazing models, brushes or paints, with expert guides to build your own Warhammer 40,000 army – in the grim darkness of the far future there is only war!

Each month you'll receive 4 issues delivered to your door with FREE P&P
Each issue costs £7.99, with the exception of issue 1 at £1.99 and issue 2 at £4.99
As part of your subscription benefits, one of your issues will be FREE and you will also receive 5 FREE gifts during the course of your collection.
Be completely satisfied, or your money back!*

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