This is interesting, as apparently GW has sent stores a list of items that can be pre-ordered now for November, so that GW can figure out how many of these, if any, that they will be putting together. There are some interesting terrain sets here, so check them out, and let your local shops know you want these.

In these are 4 terrain sets + 5 Painting Bundles

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Hey Natfka,
our local store was just given a list of products to pre-order for 
November. The owner sent out an email to everyone on their mailing list 
for special offers asking if people wanted to order any of these items.
If people don't know stores can now pre-order these bundles then store 
owners are pretty much going to have to guess how many to order. So head 
to your local store and ask about these bundles.

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