The Dread Solstice global campaign is getting ready to enter it's third week, and the results have been very close.

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In the Dread Solstice this week, you responded to the arrival of Lunaghast, the Moon of Dark Secrets, by choosing to learn all the secrets, but victory was far from assured. Indeed, the choice was in the balance up until the last 3 minutes, when Skull got ONE MORE VOTE than Drake – meaning had a battle gone differently, or another couple of units been painted, we could have been looking at a very different turn of events!
As a result of your decision, the secrets and mysteries of Lunaghast have been laid bare, tempting Wizards across the land to court madness in pursuit of greater power. Now, any non-named Wizards in your army will be able to cast an additional spell in each hero phase – if they aren’t consumed by insanity first. No artefacts were revealed this week, but there are still plenty hidden throughout the campaign – so keep digging.
This week, the situation in the Mortal Realms continues to worsen as mysterious Red Mists descends upon Aqshy, imbuing those who inhale it with freakish strength.  It’s up to you whether you embrace this strange phenomenon or undertake desperate measures to halt it. With rules, artefacts and the very destiny of the Mortal Realms in the balance, you won’t want to miss it – as we saw this week, a single vote can have an enormous impact.
To make entering easier, we’ve added even more locations to the Store Finder. If you weren’t able to participate in the first two weeks, there could well be a location near you now where you can register your results. You can check out the store finder – and the full details for this week’s choices – on the Malign Portents website. We’ll see you on the battlefield…

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