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Propaganda Alert: Blackstone: A Naturally Occurring Stone

The Regimental Standard does it again with a great article on just what is expected of a the typical guardsman and what he needs to know.

Follow the link for the entirety of the article.

via the Regimental Standard

Spotting Blackstone

During field operations, you may happen upon naturally occurring deposits of blackstone which, to the untrained eye, may appear to be pre-formed into structures/xenos war machines. We have provided this field guide to assist you:
  1. Monolithius Stelae: Naturally Occurring “Pylons”
  1. Monolithius Sepulchrum: Naturally Occurring “Structures”
  1. Monolithius Sepulchrum Maxima: Naturally occurring “activated” deposits. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not attempt excavation without heavy mining equipment, e.g. Rockgrinders, lascannons, Adeptus Astartes support units.