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Tau Codex Leaks: Warlord Traits, Stratagems and More

Looks like we have a few leaked images from the Tau Codex to check out. There is a lot here, and it looks like the rumors were true.

Images from here

Transcribed by 3++ . I posted a couple of them, and if you need them for the last couple pages, there are this link below. Huge thanks to Kirby for taking the time to really try and decipher the blurry images.

Multi-spectrum Sensor Suite (why Suite? 1CP) – used before a battlesuit unit shoots, enemy units cannot claim cover saves from thatunit.
Fail-safe Detonator (1CP) – use when Battlesuit unit from your army is destroyed in fight phase, roll a dice for each unit within 3” and on a 4+ it suffers a mortal wound.
Auotmated Repair System (2CP) – Battlesuit or Vehicle regains D3 lost wounds.
Neuroweb System Jammer (2CP) – start of enemy shooting phase, pick an enemy unit within 18” of Battlesuit Commander; subtract 1 from hit rolls made fro that unit this phase.
Reupulsor Impact Field (1CP) – after opponent successfully charges a Battlesuit unit, roll a dice fro each model in the enemy unit within 3” of your unit and 6s deal mortal wounds
Command and Control Node (1CP) – Commander cannot shoot but Battlesuit unit in your army within 6” can re-roll wounds.
EMP Grenade (1CP) – when throwing a photon grenade, only make a single hit roll and if it hits, deal D3 mortal wounds against an enemy vehicle.
Hunting Grounds (1CP) – Kroot Hound unit successfully completes charge, Kroot units within 12” can re-roll charges.
Uplinked Markerlight (1CP) – when a markerlight successfully hits, place D3+1 markerlight tokens instead of 1.
Branched Nova Charge (1CP) – Riptide can use two effects rather than one when NOVA charging.
Support Turret Replacement (1CP) – If a Turret has been destroyed for a Fire Warrior team, it can be replaced.
Point Defence Targeting Relay (1CP) – Vehicle can overwatch on 5s and 6s
Emergency Dispensation (1CP/3CP) – standard for relics.
Orbital Ion Beam (3CP) – Commander has not moved or Manta Striked in the preceding movement phase. Pick two points on the battlefield 2D6” apart and draw a line between them. Each unit suffers D3 mortal wounds on a 4+ (characters 5+).
Breach and Clear (1CP) – Breacher team re-rolls wounds against enemy units in cover.
Recon Sweep (1CP) – Pathfinder team can moved 2D6” in the shooting phase but cannot shoot or charge.
Wall of Mirrors (1CP) – seen it; too long to type 😉.
Stimulant Injector (1CP) – start of any turn, a battlesuit model with wounds characteristic of 10+ can use the top row of the models’ damage table regardless of wounds remaining (unles it dies)
Focused Fire (3CP) – T’au Sept Stratagem; +1 to wound against a unit that has already been wounded this term by a T’au Sept unit.
Strike and Fade (1CP) – Dal’yth Stratagem; unit can shoot and then move up to 6” as if it it were the movement phase sans Advancing.
Experimental Weaponry (1CP) – re-roll number of attacks for randomly generated shot weapons for a Bork’an unit.
Positional Relay (2CP) – start of movement phase, pick a recon drone and a unit of the same sept that has been setup in a manta hold and can setup within 6” of the recon drone.
Hot Blooded (2CP) – Vior’la stratagem; infantry unit can shoot twice this phase but must target the closest enemy unit each time.
Orbital Marker Distribution Uplink (2CP) – Sa’cea stratagem; pick an enemy unit visible to a character; that unit and all units within 6” gain a markerlight counter.
Drop zone Clear (2CP) – Farsight Stratagem; battle suit unit that was setup using a manta strike ability this turn and add 1 to hit rolls for that unit.

Warlord Traits
1 Precision of the Hunter – Re-roll wound rolls of 1 made for your warlord against enemy vehicles or monsters
2 Through Unity, Devastation – In each of your shooting phases, pick a unit that is visible to your warlord; Until the end of your phase each time you make a wound roll of 6+ against that unit made by a friendly Sept unit within 6″ of your warlord, the AP is improved by 1 (Aun’va)
3 A Ghost Walks Among Us – add 6″ when the Warlord Advances instead of rolling a die (Darkstrider)
4 Through Boldness, Victory – if your warlord is within 12″ of an enemy unit at the start of your shooting phase, you can re-roll failed hit rolls made for your Warlord until the end of the phase
5 – Exemplar of the Kauyon – Re-roll failed hit rolls for Warlord as long as they have not moved. (Shadowsun)
6 – Exemplar of the Mont’ka – Warlord can advance and shoot as though they had not advanced this turn.
T’au Strength of Belief – Roll a D6 for each Mortal Wound inflicted on Warlord; on a 5+ it is ignored (Longstrike)
Vior’la Academy Luminary – If your Warlord has Master of War, Volley Fire or Failure is not an Option ability, the range of that ability is increased to 9″ and you can an additional CP for being battle-forged (Aun’Shi)
Dal’yth Gunshop Diplomat – Kroot and Vespid gain for the Greater Good while within 12″ of your Warlord
Sa’cea Beacon of Honour – friendly Sa’cea unit within 6″ reduced the number of models that flee by 1
Bork’an Seeker of Perfection – For each hit roll of 6+ made for your warlord, add 1 to the wound roll for that attack
Farsight Hero of the Enclaves – heroic intervention for 6″ and re-roll hits in combat during Heroic intervention or charges (Farsight)

Signature Systems (no Kroot)
Puretide Engram Neurochop – once per battle you can re-roll a single hit, wound or damage roll made for the bearer or fiendly Sept unit within 6″. If army is battelforged, you gain a Command Point on a 6 every time your opponent or you use a stratagem.
Onager Guantlet (Commander only) – S10 AP-4 D6D; one attack only
Multi-sensory Discouragement Array – enemy units within 6″ subtract 1 from Leadership
Solid-Image Projection Unit (Ethereal with hover drone only) – once per phase, if declared as a charge target, the Ethereal can move up to 3″ before the charge is made
Seismic Destabiliser – start of each shooting phase, you may either pick an enemy Infantry unit claiming cover or a Building within 12″ of the bearer; the Building suffers D3 mortal wounds; the infantry squad = roll die per squad member and on a 6 they suffer a mortal wound
Supernova Launcher – replaced AFG for 18″ Assault D6, S6, AP-2 2D can shoot out of Los weapon
Vectored Manuvering Thrusters (T’au Battlesuit only) – model can move 6″ after shooting.
Thermoneutronic Projected (Vior’la Sept) – replaces flamer for 8″ Assault D6 S6 AP -1 2D automatically hits weapon
Dynamic Mirror Field (Dal’yth Sept) – -1 to hit bearer
Grav-Inhibitor Field (Sa’cea Sept) – subtract 2″ from charge distance if declared as a charge
Plasma Accelerator Rifle (Bork’an Sept) – replaces Plasma Rifle with 30″ RF1 S7 AP-3 2D

Fusion Blades (Fasright Enclaves) – replaces two fusion blasters to provide 2 S8 AP-4 D6D combat attacks.