A Kroot Codex? I tend to find that one hard to believe, but possibly....

These a rumors, and one that a lot of salt should be used.

via Soldier of Dorn on B&C

A source of mine has just let some new rumors slide. Heavy salt, but he predicted the Nurgle demons release a month before it was announced, along with knowing about the Death Guard/Primaris starter early and knowing about the new Knight back in November, so... I'm trusting him on this one. Your millage may vary, of course.

  • New Black Legion will be in a boxed set with new Space Wolves, new Abbadon model and Chaos Chosen, plus a new Wolves character and some other stuff. End of year for the boxed set.
  • Angron and new Khorne will be coming too, although may be next year now. Angron is gonna be huge
  • Also here's a big one: Kroot Codex. Hard to believe, but the source on this has never been wrong for me.
  • Russ is returning - old man Russ, looks a bit like Odin - and he will POSSIBLY have 2 forms like Morathi

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