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The Dread Solstice Campaign comes to an End

The Global Campaign is now over, with decisions made each week by the players, the campaign has long term implications built into it for the game. It was interesting following the events a directions the campaign took. Missed out? Here is a look at how it all went down.

via the Warhammer Community

The dust has settled. Your decisions have been made. The fate of the Mortal Realms has been shaped forever. In Dread Solstice, you came together with your fellow players in a new kind of narrative campaign – a global choose your own adventure where you and your fellow players painted and battled to make your decisions.
The final results have been tallied, but first, let’s see what decisions you made so far in the campaign – and speculate how they might affect the future…
Week 1: The Slaughter of Seers
In the opening week of the campaign, you chose to butcher seers and soothsayers in an effort to stop the Malign Portents – or at least, prevent knowledge of them from spreading too far. This massacre may have granted your kingdoms stability, but by the same credit, could you have left yourselves blind to future threats?
Week 2: The Moon That Eats Secrets
In the second week, you capitalised on the descent of Lunaghast – a horrific celestial entity that feasts on secrets – to learn every mystery you could. Sorcerers, in particular, have unlocked magical powers yet unseen – what sorcery might they be able to harness in future?
Week 3: Descent of the Orb Infernia
Continuing your exploits from the week before, Week 3 saw you respond to a plague of red mists by trying to harness them, resulting in Korghos Khul and the mighty Orb Infernia – part fortress, part planetoid – descending to the Mortal Realms. This could have been disastrous for the Realm of Fire, had it not been for your next choice…
Week 4: A Stitch In Time
You managed to pull things back from the brink by constructing a chronomantic cannon, a superweapon from the Age of Myth with the power to disrupt its victims’ timestreams. You banished Khul and the Orb Infernia to an earlier point in their timeline, giving the Seraphon who once defended the orb another chance at victory. Will we see more of these mysterious celestial warriors in future? And what could happen if the chronomantic cannon fell into the wrong hands?
Week 5: The Catastrophe at Nagashizzar
In the penultimate week of the campaign, you and your fellow gamers decided to try to sack Nagashizzar (top points for ambition there). This turned out to be a disaster – but did you manage to turn it around?
Week 6: Hope From the Darkness
And so, in the final week, things seemed bleak – but liberation has come from an unusual source.

The grand sacrifice of so many of your warriors has proved overwhelming for even Nagash, and so, in the depths of the Great Oubliette – one of Nagash’s underworlds – a jailbreak unlike any other was planned. Combining their strengths with those of the heroes and villains of ages past, Nagash’s great prison was broken open, releasing the souls of legends of both the past and the present to rejoin their patrons. Ancient heroes now return to their ancestral armies, and the Anvils of the Heldenhammer, in particular, have seen their ranks swell.
Nagash’s Great Work still moves forward, however, and while you may have bought yourselves time, something great and terrible is coming to the Mortal Realms…

Artefacts of the Dread Solstice
The first and most immediate effect of the Dread Solstice is that you may have some new Artefacts to play with! Uncovered throughout the campaign, these will be available to your army forever – you can check them all out on the Malign Portents website, and we’ll be making them available in future even when the Malign Portents have come to pass.

What now?
Meanwhile, there’s still time to get involved with the Malign Portents painting competition! Bring your models to your nearest participating store on Saturday for your chance to win. If you’re not close to store, worry not – we’re also judging our favourites on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Facebook page. A bunch of folk around the office have been hard at work painting their forces for war in the Mortal Realms, so we thought we’d show off a few of the armies they’ve completed as part of the Malign Portents Muster:
The Dread Solstice may be over, but there’s much more in store for the Mortal Realms this year. The Idoneth Deepkin are just around the corner, while at AdeptiCon, we teased some other particularly exciting developments. Make sure to follow along with the narrative of Malign Portents with your weekly free stories – there are plenty of revelations to come, as well as some clues as to what the future may hold for those cunning enough to spot them. You can check out this week’s latest tale here.