This morning the Warhammer Community is giving us some designers notes for the new units of Nurgle.

via the Warhammer Community

Matt: This month in Designers’ Notes we look at the new Maggotkin of Nurgle models. When we spoke to the miniatures design team about the project, they mentioned a couple of classic pieces of art that had provided important inspiration for some of the models. What with cramming in a look at each of the new models (as well as a look at how they sit alongside the existing Nurgle ranges for both Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000), an interview with the designers, and a parade of Nurglings complete, for the first time, with names (no, really!), we didn’t quite have space to feature the pieces of art in question at a size that would do them justice.
So, we thought we’d do that here instead, along with a couple of snippets from the article itself and a never-before-seen out-take.

Heralds of Nurgle

Believe it or not, some very early inspiration for the new Heralds of Nurgle came from all the way back in 1990. “We wanted to cover several aspects of Nurgle’s personality,” says Gaku Matsubayashi, who sculpted both the Sloppity Bilepiper and Spoilpox Scrivener, as well as Horticulous Slimux, “be it cultivation, levity, war or the cataloguing of diseases. These are all ideas that have been touched on in the past, though only very briefly – there is actually a Plaguebearer scribe and Plaguebearer musician featured in an Adrian Smith piece of artwork in the Lost and the Damned book from 1990. They were my first point of inspiration.” And here they are…

Great Unclean One

Steve Buddle designed the new Great Unclean One and, as you may know, he was inspired by the piece of classic Wayne England art below: “I tried to stay as faithful to Wayne’s art as possible,” says Steve, “copying the leering skull faces with off-kilter eye sockets – these aren’t meant to be the skulls of defeated foes, but skulls carved from stone or forged in metal  My only real change was to the hilt of the blade, which I made a little more ornate, as befits a Greater Daemon of Nurgle.”

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