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LVO 40k and AoS News.... No Asdrubael Vect.... and Much more.

No Asdrubael Vect model coming? Youve got to be kidding. While a codex for Dark Eldar is great, missing Asdrubael Vect is a major flaw. Already my Dark Eldar are collecting a lot of dust, and this is a rather sad turn of events.

There are other breaking bits, including some hints that Kroot may get something down the road. We will definitely be keeping an eye out for anything following that line of information.

There is a lot of good though here. So check it all out.

this comes from Lary Vela over on Bols revealing what is being talked about in last nights reveal at the Las Vegas Open

All times CT
10:01 – 40K and Shadespire Poster Spotted

10:02 – Dwarves and Skaven (Shadespire)

10:05 – Seminar about to begin

10:10 – Warhammer Heroes Updates –  Nominees awards to be held at Adepticon

10:11 – WARHAMMER 40,000
Next 3 New Codexes: First Dark Eldar, will include rules for Cult Covens, Cabals

10:13 – T’au Empire Next: – Commander Spam will be addressed

10:14 – Necrons, after that.  Dynasties included, Army will be more mobile.

10:15 – New Cryptek Model shown “IT’S HOT!”
New Imperial Knight “Thing” – Ad-Mech model “WOW”

10:16 – SHADESPIRE Next Up…

10:17 – New Shadespire Dwarf Models shown

10:18 – Local tournament support coming for Shadespire in February


10:20 – Malign Portents is a Global campaign – with 3 chapters, over 6 weeks.

10:21 – It’s a “choose your own adventure” instead of a “locked in” style campaign.

10:22 – AGE of SIGMAR

Erratas & FAQs will follow the same pattern and timeframe as has been announced for 40K

10:23 – Next Battletome: Aelves with new models coming.

10:24 – New Aelves models – Daughter of Khaine,  “crazy serpent lady” video was shown.

10:25 – New Furies models, all of this is coming before summer 2018

Lots of joking about “Codex fishmen”  (not serious)

10:27 – WARHAMMER 40,000

10:28 – 40K – No Asdrubael Vect for Dark Eldar

10:31 – 40K – T’au book emphasizes T’au, not the Kroot

10:32 – 40K – MAJOR changes coming for Necrons, compared to them in Index:Xenos

10:35 – 40K – Necrons have a “+1 rend Dynasty”

10:37 – 40K Codexes should all be done in less than a year

10:38 – There will be GW announcements at GAMA, and 3 NEW Things unveiled at Adepticon

10:40 – New GW press site is coming

10:41 – 40K Ynarri isn’t going away

10:44 – AoS More Aelves coming up…

10:49 – That’s a wrap for the seminar.