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Miniature Deals of the Week

There are some deals out there that are worth getting in on, and I am always looking for more when it come to my own miniatures. If there is a real good deal out there, whether it be bundles, discounts, or just something amazing...... I would really like to hear about it, and I know others would as well.

Send me links please if you see a deal on miniatures out there. No ebay please.

Here are a couple deals that are worth getting in on.

Warlord Products
Limited Time Offer - 3 for 2 plastic sprues from this collection, whilst stocks last:
-Warlord Games currently has their Sprue sale going on right now. A huge savings on many items that could for Bolt Action, Gates of Antares, and many other historical games they have. What a great place to get the bits you have been looking for. I personally pick up what I need when I see these come up.

Here is your link for it, and a couple examples from the list.

Last Chance Christmas Deals from Mantic
Even though I tend to hear lots of complaints about Mantic's miniatures, I have bought many and not had a lot of the issues that people complain about. It is true that the miniatures are not as high quality as.... say.... Games Workshop or Dark Age (these guys btw are amazing lately), but man of the miniatures are still solid, and at amazing prices. Now include in a deal, and we have a bargain for miniatures that I might be looking for.

here is your link.... I wish they would show the pictures for the mega bundles....