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The Order of Things... Release to Errata to Big FAQs

Games Workshop is this year really settling in with their new mode of interactions with the community and putting down in writing just how things will progress. While it often felt thrown together at the last minute and chaotic, it finally is settling down with order coming on top.

via the Warhammer Community

Keeping a growing game like Warhammer Age of Sigmar maintained is something of a balancing act – we want to find a model that means any issues that arise in your games are dealt with as quickly as possible while minimising any book-keeping or instability in the run-up to major events. Under the new model, you’ll be able to benefit from regularly updated rules while knowing exactly when to expect them.

Firstly, any smaller changes to battletomes will be dealt with 2 weeks after they hit shelves with an errata. This is designed to pick up smaller issues, such as new rules interactions that arise between battletomes as they’re released.
Larger changes to the game will be handled through two big FAQs each year. These will be released ahead of the spring and summer tournament seasons and will be aimed at ensuring the game stays balanced based on our observations from major competitive gaming events as well as the tireless work of our playtesters and the rules team.
Finally, the General’s Handbook will continue to be released annually, with each edition packed with game-changing content for your games. You’ll find updated matched play profiles, new missions, new allegiance abilities and new ways to play, helping to make your games more balanced, and, (most importantly), more fun!
Part of our ongoing commitment to making sure that Warhammer Age of Sigmar is as fun as possible for every player is empowering you to let us know about any issues that arise in your games or any thoughts you may have on balance. To help us gather your thoughts, we’re opening a special inbox – While we won’t be able to reply to each query individually, we’ll be regularly checking it and taking your feedback into account when we work on our bi-yearly FAQs and the General’s Handbook.