Both Dropfleet and Dropzone have been since become part of the the TT Combat's lineup. While they are working on fielding the last bits of the Kickstarter, product is now up on the TT Combat Webstore. This is great news to keep the support for the game going.

There are also a large list of exclusives are available now for a short while. Might be a good time to pick some of these up.

I am also still waiting for the Wave 2 of the Kickstarter.

Here is the newsletter and links to the TT Combat Webstore.

Online Store Is Up, Missing Wave 2 Items Update
Posted by Hawk Wargames (Creator)
Hi everyone! Lewis here again. A couple of announcements today:

Online Store Open

For those of you that haven't yet heard, the complete Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet Commander ranges are now available in the TTCombat webstore!
You'll notice that there are some of the Kickstarter Exclusive minis available there too. We've discussed this a little bit over on the Facebook page, but let's talk about the elephant in the room.
We know that making these available is going to annoy some of you. However, we do have a couple of reasons for doing it.
Firstly, and most importantly, we've had a lot of requests over the past few months to make these available. At TTC we don't make a habit of making exclusive minis less exclusive, and get a lot of people asking us to! We know the value of exclusivity, not just in cash, but in loyalty and bragging rights! So we were never going to make any KS exclusive minis widely available, and never will.
The other reason is that we've got some of the KS exclusive items left over. After taking over Hawk we had a decision to make about fulfilling the remaining Kickstarter items. We were under no legal obligation to do so, but early on we decided that would be a pretty rubbish move. All of us in the office have backed Kickstarters before, and it was a unanimous agreement that if we'd backed this one (and in actual fact several of us did) we'd want to get all of our stuff despite the company changing hands. So that's what we decided to do!
Now, it's been a rather bigger task to finish fulfilment than we expected, which is why we're still doing a few bits! In the process of doing so we've had to cast up some of the exclusives that either weren't stocked right, were damaged, or were missing parts. So we have some left over! Some of them have some parts but not all, so we'll still be casting up some extras now. We thought that rather than chucking out those extra bits we'd make complete ships out of them and sell them on to those who didn't get them or want a few more! The opening of the online store seemed the perfect opportunity to do so.
I'll note here though that after this opening week (until February 4th) the KS exclusives will never be available online again. It's this week and then done! And even then, I imagine a lot of the exclusives won't last that long. We'll be casting up bits for part-completed minis that we had, but won't be casting extras after. So if you want some more, get on it soon!

What About My Wave 2?

We've fulfilled loads and loads of outstanding, missing, and damaged pledges, but there are still some still waiting to go.
One of the big things holding up fulfilment is those blasted Scourge Space Station bits! Hawk never cast up enough of them to fulfil all the orders, so we've been casting them up each day and sending them out as soon as they're done.
There are a couple of other bits that are being cast up too, so if you're missing yours still, don't worry - we're still getting them out!
I just had a look and it looks like we're about 85% through with our outstanding fulfilment! And we'll continue sending more out each day as soon as we can. Once we think we're all done, we'll let you all know.


The credits are still on the cards too! Unfortunately we weren't able to start them off in time for the online store opening, as it would have been a bit of a logistic nightmare. We'll still be honouring these credits, and will have more information on them soon.
I think that's all the announcements. Hope everyone's okay! I'll try to get to comments today, but there's still a lot to do with the online store!

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