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40k Release Schedule.... TS, Tau, Necron, and more

Wondering what the release list may be looking like for the next several months? We know Chaos Daemons are first, up... which leads us to the Adeptus Custodes and then Thousand Sons. Whats next?.... These rumors are giving Tau, Necrons, and Dark Eldar on the short list, really moving us away from Space Marines and their ilk.

Please remember that these are currently rumors.

via L'Astropate

First half of February : Adeptus Custodes.
Second half of February : Thousand Sons.

First half of March : T'au Empire.
Second half of March : Necron.

Between April and May : Drukhari, Harlequinn and two new elven armies for Age of Sigmar.

Haechi posted up in November, and recently updated his rumors on ATT