A first look into the Thousand Sons codex that is on the near horizon. The information is gathered from the Warhammer TV from a game between the Thousand Sons and Adeptus Custodes.

via High Times on the Eastern Fringe

The Warhammer Community Team is throwing down a preview game between Adeptus Custodes and Thousand Sons. Yes, they give a sneak peak of the new Codex for the Thousand Sons. 

So far warhammer community has confirmed that no new models will be released just a porting over of the tzaangors range to 40k as well as a tzeentch monster beast.

Aspiring sorceror a can take psychic powers other than smite

  • Reroll 1s on the invulnerable saves is out. I didn’t catch what new aura we got. 
  • Legion Trait sounded like +6″ spell range (first cast per model). 
  • Dark Matter Crystal (a relic) allows you to remove a unit close to the bearer from the board and redeploy the unit via deep strike. 
  • Dark Hereticus is still in and there are plenty of more spells. 
  • Aspiring Sorcerers can take other spells (unsure if you can take it on top of Smite or if you drop Smite). 
  • Glamour of Tzeentch spell gives one of your unit -1 to hit protection. 
  • Doombolt spell does some damage and reduces target units move. 
  • Temporal Manipulation is another spell but I have no idea of what it does. 
  • Tzaangor Shaman is an elite choice and not HQ. The Shaman can reroll a Psychic test (probably the Elixir from AoS). 
  • Tzaangor Enlightened can take bows and shoot magical arrows that auto-wound on to hit rolls of 6+. Assault 1d3 shots. 
  • Lord of Forbidden Lore Warlord Trait give an additional spell. 
  • There is a stratagem that allows a unit to set up in the webway or something like that. Deep strike. Works on Tzaangors at least. 
  • Veterans of the Long War is still in! 
  • Mutalith Vortex Beast buffs nearby units. Like reroll charge rolls if you’re in the 6″ aura.

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