Here are some additional threads for the Thousand Sons that were discovered through the battlereport seen thursday. The information here was gathered from the same game as the earlier post, but some of this is more detailed.

Previous thread.

via Vanger
So what I managed to gather according to todays Adeptus Custodes vs Thousand Sons game:
- army wide rule: +6" to all psychic powers
- warlord trait Lord of Forbidden Lore gives +1 psychic power
- Glamour of Tzeentch makes units harder to attack, so attackers have -1 to hit
- Doombolt causes mortal wounds and halves the movement stat of affected unit
- Tzaangor Enlightened cause an automatic wound on 6+ to hit (not sure, commenter was not on the top of her game)
- Shaman can re-roll his first cast
- Mutalist is a beast, 14 wounds, 4 attacks, gives random benefit to units around it, like re-roll to hits, explodes when killed
- Dark Matter Crystal enables you to remove a unit and deep strike it in
- TS get a strategem that let's you set up a unit in the webway and can come in from deepstrike

via Sonoftherubric21
Gents to add something here this is the notes set I took for what part of the battle report that I saw;

  • Magnus warlord trait is "know an additional power" he is still a Lord of War, he DOES NOT have the "re roll 1's" invulnerable aura.
  • Mutalith has an Invul save, it has 14 wounds, it has identical regen to daemon engines (regain 1 wound a turn), it assists units around it rolled for during the shooting phase on a random table, the table has either 3 or 6 possible outcomes (didint hear which) and re-roll assault rolls is one such outcome. The buffs are given within a certain aura. 
  • Rubrics and Scarab Occult both gain access to spells on the aspirings, no telling if its "any" spell, or just the Tzeentch lore table. 
  • Tzaangors now have Death to the False Emperor AND can be up to units of 40, I read that a unit of 20+ gain +1 to the "to hit" rolls. 
  • The Legion Tactic first part is "every spell gains +6 inchs to its range" which for many spells is quite useful, due to context clues and information from the twitch casters I am under the impression it is a 2 part trait, cultists were used in the game and someone asked about the legion trait benefiting Cutlists, and one of the hosts said "oh yeah they will really benefit from being thousand sons!" or something akin to it. 
  • Glamour of tzeentch is a new spell, -1 to hit a thousand sons unit (makes sense why they nerfed changeling now) 
  • Doombolt is a high cast value, deals D3 mortals, AND next turn you halve the distance of the unit hit by it that is moving
  • Fate-caster great bows hits on 6's Negate wound roll and automatically go to damage step. SPECIFICALLY *NOT* mortal wounds, I have heard different values for Damage, one being straight 3, the other being D3 per. same with number of shots, someone mentioned D3 assault per guy (makes enough sense assault per) but we know its more then 1 per model. 
  • The Vets of the Long war is confirmed! (YAY!) 
  • A "deepstrike" relic is confirmed, break the relic and pic a unit within a short distance of the caster, immediately re-deepstrike that unit. 
  • There is also a deepstrike strategem for thousand sons pre-game nominate a unit for 2 cp and they may deepstrike. 
  • Temporal Manipulation is a low cast spell that gives the caster a re-roll for later in turn. 
  • Please add or use wherever needed for this information!  Fix or add to as necessary! 

Previous info
Magnus will have more then 3 spells. confirmed on Warhammer community through facebook.

Skyfires are *100%* confirmed, I have a picture of the Warhammer community post sitting on my phone confirmed Skyfires are in the book. (I keep seeing people debating that as a question so I figured it was a good idea to clarify with the little info I do have.

So thats 4 new units in total.
Tzaangor Shaman (This will either be an HQ, or more likely an Elite slot)
Tzaangor Skyfires ( I would presume fast slot)
Tzaangor Enlightened ( I would guess fast, but also possibly elite?)
and Mutalith Vortex beast.  (Heavy fairly obvious)

Looks like we are getting a first or second week of February for Thousand Sons. I heard that Custodes are either getting the pre-order OR the release (dont know which) in late January, So we can expect early to middle February release.

Seems like by mid february the book will be out, we should expect info over the next 2 weeks or so to start trickling shortly. Id expect next few days we will get something maybe after they focus on Custodes.

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