Additional information from yesterday's release leaks for the Horus Heresy include information on codex books, Forgeworld weapon packs etc. 

Update- Please note there was a correction from the source which is in bold below. Essentially it was MkIII armour not MkII armour.

via very solid sources on Faeit 212
Spartan and Deimos Rhino based Vehicles will have options to build the Crew 
with different armours (MkIII and MkVI).

Those Compilation Books are a stop-gap for more Expansion releases with new 
Unit options.

There exist plans for separate codex books for EVERY Space Marine Legion 
which will released over the next years.

GW doesn't plan a 3 years Edition life time for Horus Heresy.

FW weapon packs for special and heavy weapons will sold regularly via the GW 
main shop after the release of HH as a new main game.

This is another test run to sell FW stuff via GW.

They plan to release certain smaller model parts which can be produced fast 
and with lesser risk of miscasts.


via sources on Faeit 212
Preorders for the first content are planned for May, release then in June.

Releases for June:
"Heta-Gladius" Launch Box: - £240

Rulebook - £43

Three Codex like compilation Books - £32.50 each
Other Age of Darkness Armies - Loyalists and Traitors

Releases for July:
Three different Starter Sets - £180 /£100 / £40 each

Space Marine Legionary + Paints Sets (A + B) - £23 each
3 Space Marines
7 paints

Getting Started with Horus Heresy Magazine - £10
Includes 2 Space Marine Legionaries

Releases for August:
Space Marine Legion Tactical Squad - £36
10 Models multipart in the same fashion like the Chaos Space Marines
Common weapon options

Daimos Pattern Rhino - £31

Space Marine Legion Praetor - £22
Not the same Model than was already shown

Releases for September:
Daimos Pattern Predator - £39
Upgrade Spue Sons of Horus - £9.50
Upgrade Spue Imperial Fists - £9.50
Upgrade Spue Blood Angels - £9.50
Upgrade Spue Emperors Children - £9.50
Upgrade Spue White Scras - £9.50
Upgrade Spue World Eaters - £9.50

Releases without date:
Daimos Pattern Vindicator - £39
Kratos Battle Tank - £52.50
Land Raider - £52.50
Land Raider Spartan - £60
Contemptor Dreadnought - £35
Space Marine Tactical Squad + Rhino - £57
Daimos Pattern Rhino Suqadron - £87
Daimos Pattern Predator Squadron - £107

Space Marine Auxillary ->>I absolutly don't know what this is.

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