This was listed out and discussed on a video and I have a rundown of it that I thought I would share.

listed on Bolter and Chainsword
This was originally talked about on Facebook etc, talked about on Chapter Master Valrak's videos, and on on Bolter and Chainsword.

Doctrine kicker: While in Devastator Doctrine, Heavy and Rapid Fire weapons get +6" range, Assault and Pistol weapons get +3" range

DW Warlord Traits:
1. DW units within 6" reroll melee wounds versus CHARACTERS or models with 8+ Wounds
2. Wound rolls of 1 -3 automatically fail.
3. Once per battle may Deny the Witch, unlimited range, auto pass

RW Warlord Traits:
1. RW units within 6" move and fire heavy at no penalty and Advance and fire Assault at no penalty
2. Once per battle at start of round, select an inactive Doctrine, RW units within 6" may use that instead of the active
3. Start of first round, Warlord and one other RW unit may move up to 12", no Advance, must stay outside of 9"


  • A bunch of the vanilla SM Codex Stratagems (incluing Vet Intercessors and their shooty ones)
  • Combined Assault (2 CP): Teleporting unit of DW may set up within 6" of a friendly RW unit that hasn't Advanced and outside of 6" from enemy
  • High Speed Focus (1 CP):  RW unit targeted by shooting counts as having Jinked that turn.
  • Full Throttle (1 CP): RW unit that just moved immediately moves again, may not shoot or charge that turn
  • Targeting Guidance (1 CP): Pick an enemy unit within 12" of a RW Land Speder and visible, DA units may reroll shooting hits against it this phase.
  • Outnumbered Never Outmatched (1 CP): DW unit chosen to fight gets +1 A when fighting enemy unit of 10 or more models
  • Evasive Assault (1 CP): RW unit that charged or has been charged is chosen as a target, it gets 5++


  • Reliquiary of the Repenant: RW Bike only, Enemy models within 3" reduce invul by 1 to minimum 6++
  • Corvus Occuls: Talonmaster, +6" to range weapons and +1 to hit with range weapons
  • Standard of the Unforgiven Hunt: RW Ancient, +1 Advance/cherge for RW within 6"
  • Blade of Burden: DW Master w/ power sword, S+2 AP-4, D2, natural wound of 6 is 2 MW
  • Pennant of the Remeberance: DW Ancient, 5+ Fnp for DW INFANTRY within 6" ???? - DW only, +1 S and A

Special Issue Wargear

  • Adamantite Mantle, Artificer Armor, Mastercrafted Weapon, Digital Weapons
  • Arbititer Gaze: Ignores shooting and BS penalties, Overwatches on full BS
  • Angel's Ambit: +3" to aura abilities
  • Bolt of Judgement: pick a bolt weapon, it may fire a bolt of judgment, makes one attack at AP -2 and 3 D, wounds on 2+ excpet Vehicles/Monsters 6+


  • Standard Primaris Master Line (W6 A5)
  • Emity's Edge S+2 AP -4 Dd3, reroll wound and damage vs Psyker
  • Spiritshield Helm: 6" 5+ FnP versus MW aura (or something similar)
  • Intractable Will: Built in Only In Death Does Duty End

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