Lets get down to it. With new books for your armies coming out many people will start jumping in and analyzing just how your army is now different, changed, and what new miniatures you will need to keep up playing your army. While most games change the armies over time you are playing... One game allows you to make your own changes.

Welcome to The Genesys Project, where the rules and the miniatures you use for your army are chosen by you.

Of course The Genesys Project is more than just that. Its about creating your faction and your narrative through gameplay. Weapons and Armor are customizable, as are Monsters, Tanks, Mechs, and Powered Armor. This is a game built for those of you that want more control over the game, what happens to your army rules, and want to create a deep original narrative.

Miniatures? Use what you have, what you have always wanted to buy and use, or create an entirely new customized army of your own creation.

The Genesys Project is currently in it's first Kickstarter, with only 5 days left! There are 3 Ages of Gameplay, with one Core Rules to play all three. Play in the Age you want, or play and progress through them all creating a deep long history of your faction and heroes.

The Birth of Genesys is the 1st Age of The Genesys Project and is up right now in Kickstarter. The 1st Age release is meant to launch the game, fund artists, additional work and prepare for the next age of gameplay.

Come support the game, even if it's just to get the newsletters, and see the future of tabletop gaming.

wrap around front and back cover artwork

The Birth of Genesys


check out our updates while your there, lots of great information about the game is available.

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