The Eldar codex has been started. I take the rumor below to mean that the design and testing side of things is done, and everything has been handed over to the author for writing. If that is the case its normally a about a 6 month deal to finish it. That doesnt mean released in 6 months, rather the codex will be ready to be released in that time period.

An Eldar codex of course would mean great things, like seeing the eldar back on the tabletop again, and a resurgence of their dark kin.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via Birdy and posted to Warseer via Darnok
the translation of the next eldar codex has started (or so it seems)...

All plastic minis stay the same for the moment including jetbikes
Wraithguards will be plastic with a HtH option (swords)
A new Farseer model (finecast iirc)
a character for Dire Avengers, a new entry "something-seer"

That's all I got for the moment!
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