Continuing to dig for information about the upcoming box set release Forgebane, there has been a ton of questions that we are still digging for answers for... like the price of the set being number the top question we are searching for. Close up behind that are about the miniatures..... which I did find something on. It appears that Forgebane will contain full kits for the featured models within.

As it stands now, no one has chimed in on the price point, and sources that I often hear from are all silent. I think the leaks for this box set (and early rumors we had here on this site), really made GW jump and release information early.

Release Date:
Now I know you are wondering about the release date....... I have not had a solid lead on it yet, but a very loose source was saying pre-orders March 31st. Please take that with extra salt, as this is from a new source. Interestingly enough, the last page of this months White Dwarf mentions..."Ancient Evils" leading me to believe that the release date is most likely the first or second weekend of April.

Pic originally from Chikout as was posted up as a question on Facebook and reveals that the featured models within will be full kits.

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