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For AoS I wanted to make an Order army that's part Sylvaneth solid defense and part Seraphon skink mobility, plus I've always loved Lord Kroak.

The background idea is that when the Lizardmen left the Old World and traveled the stars, some went lifeless after millennia of traveling the void. By the end the starvessel, now only manned by the spirit of a dead Slann finally landed on Ghyran and soon roots and life magic invaded the ancient vessel, revitalizing the spawning pools and entwining with the corpse of the Slaan.

I have some progress shots --
1 - My first chair conversion that I was quickly unhappy about
2- The updated version using a Wyldwood branches
3 - Totec Rootborn with his skinks ready for battle
4 - Getting some Sylvaneth bodyguards to deal with the Stormcast

Thanks for everything!

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