Games Workshop new release Malign Portents is now revealed through emails and updates on their Warhammer Community sites. If you have been casually watching this (like myself), here is a good opportunity to get your first glimpse.

Through emails

Malign Portents revealed at last.

The fate of the realms will be yours to decide...
A great war is coming. Armies are rallying, and soon, you'll have your chance to lead your forces to victory in a massive global campaign that will shape the future of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.
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Painting Competition
Win glory (and some prizes!)

This month, from the 13th of January, pick up a Start Collecting! set, paint it and bring it to your local participating store, and you could win some awesome prizes - perfect if you're rallying a new army for the new year.

via Warhammer Community

The Malign Portents website is your companion to this conflict in the Mortal Realms.
Change is coming on a scale we’ve not seen since the dawn of the Age of Sigmar, and you’ll be able to follow this unfolding narrative through a regular series of short stories – all free to read. As well as offering some clues about what’s to come, these stories look at how the Malign Portents are affecting the inhabitants of the Mortal Realms, whether they be dauntless warlords of legend or just simple folk scratching out a hard living in newly re-conquered lands. Look out for new Malign Portents stories on the website every few days.
If you’re new to Warhammer Age of Sigmar, but all this talk of doom and darkness has you curious about getting stuck in, the site is also a great beginner’s guide to the setting. You’ll be able to get up to speed with a timeline and an overview of just what the Mortal Realms are, with a focus on the most contested regions of the Realm of Death.
You’ll also find a more detailed look at the Harbingers – the champions spread among the armies of Order, Chaos, Death and Destruction. From the cunning Lord-Ordinators to the chittering Fungoid Cave-Shaman, you’ll be able to find out how these seer-champions fit in with each Grand Alliance.
But you won’t just get to read about these new events unfolding across the realms, very soon, you’ll get to be part of them.
Malign Portents isn’t just a website – it’s a continuing narrative that’ll allow you to take part in the most radical changes to Warhammer Age of Sigmar since the Storm of Sigmar. New empires will rise, war will rage and there are some surprises to look forward to.
While the website is a great way to get started, you’ll want to get your hands on the Malign Portents book in the coming months to help guide you through this tumultuous time. As well as being absolutely packed with new stories of the gathering maelstrom in the Realm of Death, it includes new rules for setting your battles during these tumultuous times, from fighting in the life-sapping wastes of Shyish to interpreting fell omens to aid your army. There’s something for every player, whether you’re looking for a narrative hook for your next campaign or new tactical challenges in matched play.
We want to make sure that by the time the Malign Portents are fully revealed, everyone has an army to face the coming tide of darkness with. To that end, we’re inviting you to take part in a worldwide muster over the next few months. By following along with each step, you’ll have a fighting force worthy of the challenges to come.
For your first challenge, we’re asking you to paint a Start Collecting! set of your choice. Perhaps all this talk of Death has you wanting a Deathrattle skeleton horde of your own, or maybe you fancy ransacking the realms with an army of Ironjawz. Every Warhammer and Games Workshop store around the world will be joining in (and there may even be some prizes on offer), giving you the chance to show off your newly recruited host. If you don’t live near a store, don’t worry – you can follow along with the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Facebook page. You’ll be able to showcase the first part of your army on the 10th of February, where we’ll also be announcing what you need to paint to join in with the next stage of the muster.
Painting is one thing, but what’s an army without some battles to fight? Very soon, you’ll be able to blood your new army and help make Warhammer history in a new global campaign. Stay tuned for more details on how you can take part very soon…
For all the latest Malign Portents news, make sure to check back right here on Warhammer Community and on the Warhammer Age of SigmarFacebook page. In the meantime, ready yourself for a dark new age of war on the Malign Portents website.

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