While these are updated in an overview on the main page for the forum, I went through and found a couple more bits of information that were not and added them. You can see the added bits in italics.

I may have missed something, but think I got it.

via xhikaru on Dakka
Hi , I have early access to the codex. I have had to create a new account to be safe. As far as I understand from forum rules , I can't give everything or complete details.

Daemons are still 5++.
god specific traits are the same.
Do note that most attacks even shooting are Strength User, so +strength buffs actually are worth something now.

FWIW, there are two more good generic strategem, 
1) you cannot reroll saving throws but it gives a daemon unit +1 to invulnerable saves. No better than 3++. 
2) when enemy psyker suffers perils of the warp, use this strategem, they take 2d3 MW instead of 1d3.

+ Undivided + 

Belakor - has access to Dark Hereticus (the only one who does)

We get a deepstrike strategem:
* 1 CP for 8 PL and below
* 2 Cp for 9 PL and above.
* no other restrictions.
you cannot reroll saving throws but it gives a daemon unit +1 to invulnerable saves. No better than 3++.
when enemy psyker suffers perils of the warp, use this strategem, they take 2d3 MW instead of 1d3.

+ Khorne + 

Bloodthirsters no change to pt
Insensate Rage BT have two attack profiles now. Second (new) S:U -2 1 dmg , make 2 hit roll instead of 1 if use this attack.
All BTs get a rule that for each unmodded hit roll of 6, they score a 2nd free hit.

1CP Khorne. pick a banner, that unit charges 3D6 instead of 2D6.

Khorne: (Mons only) - 4++ Deny 1 power in each enemy psychic phase.
Khorne: 1 model. Each time you make wound roll of 6+ fr friendly khorne daemon unit within 6" of bearer, can make another free attack.

+ Tzeentch + 

LOC/Kairos drop 20-35.
Brimstone horrors are 6++, blues are 5++, pinks are 4++.
Changeling lost -1 to hit for 6+++ FNP.
Flamers are 12" range now
Exalted are 3 shots instead of D3.
Anything with screamers lost slashing talon but their attacks became Lamprey bite.
Eg. 2 slashing attacks 1 bite? now 3 bites.

Warlord Trait:
reroll 1s to wound in 9".

New Powers:
WC6. Reroll a single dice roll later during ur turn.
WC5. Pick friendly tz daemon unit within 18". Until next psychic phase, +1 to wound roll.
WC8. nearest enemy model wihtin 12, that model's unit and every other unit (friend or foe) within 3' of that model , suffers d3 MW. Suffer D6 MW, if power manifested with more than psychic roll of 12+.

2CP Tz Strat. pick a char, 6" aura of reroll psychic test.

Tz: 1 additional TZ power
Tz: +1 to smite cast

S10 Exalted Flamers. 
S4 Tzeentch Horrors, Assault 3 if 20+ pink horrors. (30 horrors shooting 90 S4, with reroll 1s to hit and wounds, and +1 to wound) 
S5 Flamers. 
you can add +1 to wound .... quite interesting. Major shooting buff bubble. 
And no , there is no 3++ horror. 

+ Nurgle + 

Beast of Nurgle are 5 Wounds now , and if you try to Fall Back from them (1"), on a 4+, you do a MW.

New powers:
Wc7. Roll D6 for every unit (excluding nurgle) within 7" of caster. 4+ D3 MW.
WC6. Pick enemy unit visible within 18". -1 Toughness.
WC6 Miasma of Pestilence same as DG contagion but targets Nurgle Daemon.

1CP Nurgle. pick a unit with an icon before battle. during 1 fight phase. dmg characteristtics of a plaguesword carried by that unit increased to 2

Nurgle: everytime bearer kills a model in fight phase while within 7' of a plaguebearer unit , on a 4+, add a PB to that unit.

+ Slaanesh +

New powers:
WC5. Select friendly slaanhesh daemon within 18". 6+++ FnP
WC6. select enemy unit within 18 visible. Roll d6 for every model in that enemy unit. on a 6, 1 mw.
WC6. All enenmy unit -1 ld within 12 inch of psyker.

1CP Slaanesh. pick slaanesh daemon unit, all units within 3inch of that -1Attack for that phase. (To a minimum of 1.)

Slaanesh: 1x per game, start of phase, select enemy char within 12" roll 3d6, if exceed enemy char ld, it cannot do anything, and its abilities dont affect anything.

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