As the next video for the Genesys Project is being worked on, we are going to start doing some features on gameplay starting with deployment. Some of you play testers will notice that there are some changes here (like forward deployment is gone), and that deployment zones are now 8" across, gaining a total of 4" on your opponents.

The biggest however, is that deployment zones are not chosen before the game like before, but instead now are chosen as you deploy squads into them. You still get three deployment zones of your choice, but now you can see how the enemy is moving into them before deciding upon whether or not to deploy in those areas.

The main thrust of deployment in Genesys, is selecting your deployment zones do gain initiative for the first round of game play. 
To do this, keep the totals of the numbered deployment zones as low as possible. Obviously taking zones 1,2, 3 is the easiest way to go first, but I will be the first to tell you, this rarely happens.

Here are some sections from the Genesys Project's Beta rules v3.2 with the updated changes that players will see sometime next week.
6. Deployment
Deployment Areas are divided on each side of the board into six deployment zones which are numbered 1-6. On a 4x4 board, each zone is 8”x16”. On a 4x6 board, each zone is 8”x24”.

You do not need to decide your deployment zones until you are placing models, but you should have a good idea of your plans on how to approach the battle.

6.1 Deployment Zones: You will be deploying your models into a maximum of three of the numbered zones 1-6 on your side of the table.
Both players roll a d6 and add your highest command value that will be participating in the game to the result. The Highest result may choose to deploy first or second.

6.2 Placing Your Models: You start by deploying two squads at a time up to your command value, alternating turns until all models are either deployed, declared to be held in reserve, or placed on a table edge of a deployment zone they will be arriving during the first Game Round.
You may only deploy in three deployment zones, unless rules allow for a redeployment. The three deployment zones you select are not declared, but assumed to be claimed as you deploy into them.

  • All of your deployment zones must border each other and connect on a flat edge, not corners.
  • You may not take zones 4, 5, and 6 together. 
  • Models must be deployed 20” Away from each other, unless they have specific rules

6.3 Determining Initiative for the First Game Round: The numbers of each deployment zone (either chosen or rolled for) are used in determining which player has Initiative to begin the game. Each player adds up the numbers of his or her deployment zones, and the player with the lowest total number has Initiative heading into the first round of the game. Both players roll off on 1d6 if the totals are the same, and the higher goes result goes first.
Unlike further Game Rounds, Initiative cannot be challenged in the first Game Round.

6.4 Deployed Units: Deployed squads are placed either directly onto the board or are placed along the table edge of your deployment zones that they will be coming in from during the first Game Round.
Squads deployed onto the board start the game where they are deployed.
Squads placed along the board edge are not yet on the table for game purposes, but must move on the board from the deployment zone edge they are lined up on during the first Game Round. Squads ready to enter the board this way must do so at some point during the first Game Round.
Any redeployments of squads occur after both sides have fully deployed.

New to the Genesys Project?. Here is an introduction video of the game, where you can get more information on how to join up for the Open Beta and get your free product code.

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