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8th Edition Army Submission: 2,000pt Grey Knights

We are going to continue sharing armies for 8th Edition... Simply because so many of you are wanting to share your lists online. We have had interesting submissions from all over the hobby, (even a couple not wanting their real identity revealed for very obvious reasons). So its been a lot of fun to see these, and I am going to start labeling each army so that they are easy to look up for anyone interested.

So if you would like to submit an army list (if you already have an idea of what you might field), shoot me your list to share with others. Please title your email "8th Edition Army Submission" or similar, and shoot it off to Only first names will be used along with the submission.

via Andreas
Battalion detachment (+3 command points)

Grand Master Voldus
Brotherhood Champion

Apothecary, Warding stave
Paladin squad [4], 2 Daemon hammer, 2 Falchions
Venerable Dreadnought, Twin lascannon, Missile launcher
Venerable Dreadnought, 2x Twin autocannon

Terminator squad [5], Psycannon, Daemon hammer, 4 Halberds
Terminator squad [5], Psycannon, Daemon hammer, 4 Halberds
Strike squad [5], Psilencer, Daemon hammer, 3 Halberds

Razorback, Twin assaultcannon, Stormbolter

Interceptor squad [5], Psilencer, 4 Falchions
Interceptor squad [5], Psilencer, 4 Falchions

Daemon hammers are on squad leaders, Brotherhood champion rides in Razorback with the Strike squad and Voldus keeps close to Paladins and Apothecary.

Kind regards