We saw this a few days ago as an anniversary model that was coming soon in July. We have more details on what it takes to get this model....... and exactly how long you will have to wait to get it.

Not to mention.... Did you see the edged metal dice, Artbook, and that rubber mat? I really like the mat, and the dice.

Paul Smith
"When you say exclusive, Does this mean exclusive to GW, or just to Warhammer Milton Keynes. The mat is somethings I'd love to get but I live nowhere near you."

Games Workshop: Milton Keynes
"It is exclusive to Games Workshop and Warhammer stores on their Anniversary.
Your local will get them on that day."

New Updates
via Mad Doc Grotsnik on Dakka
Price confirmed to be £20 a pop.
A customer can buy as many as they want, as they're effectively being cast up to meet orders - downside is they come out on the 2nd September 2017, so anyone ordering one will have a bit of a wait, which is completely unavoidable.

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via Milton Keynes Games Workshop on Facebook

This model, a Primaris Captain, is the 2017 Anniversary model, currently Exclusive to store Anniversaries.
It will be available at our store Anniversary on 8th July, the first store in the UK to have him!
You can buy him separately, or get him free if you spend £150 or more.

There is even more coming to the Milton Keynes Games Workshop store....

Following on from yesterday's post here is the next of the products currently Exclusive for Anniversaries that we are selling on the 8th July.
This one is a fabulous Warhammer 40,000 Art book, Visions of the Imperium.
Within its hard cover it contains full colour prints from 1987 to 2017, thirty years of Warhammer 40,000 art!

The Painting Matt is a rubberised, nonslip surface that toy can deploy anywhere to create an instant painting area.
We also have the great Paint Brush Case to store all your brushes in safe luxury.
Both will be available on the 8th July, and stock will be limited.

The last of our Anniversary Exclusive products is a must have. Metal 'Eavy Metal dice!
The first metal dice that we have produced in more than six years!
These will be available with all the rest only on the 8th July.

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