Here is what is coming this yeare for the NOCF raffles. The ones to really watch closely to are the Sons of Horus vs Mechanicum 30k army + a mysterious anonymous donated 40k army, and a Blood Bowl set.

Remember that these armies are raffled off for Charity, meaning that you can get them for as little as $5-10. Definitely worth your effort, and the money goes to a  great cause.
You can see more here about the organization + info about past raffles.

These are Expected to Go Live July 1!
Below is a peek at some of the upcoming NOCF summer online raffles:

  • Sons of Horus vs. Mechanicum - two 30K armies completing soon!
  • Warmachine/Hordes offer: Stryker's Irregulars (8 world-famous artists from the NOCF Consortium under way)
  • Flames of War has two (2) great offers in the works (by NOCF Consortium artist Steve McCuen): Monty's Desert Rats & Rommel's Afrika Korp
  • Stiff Neck Studio / Wes Cogdal will be presenting the new Blood Bowl boxed set with custom pitch
  • Steamforged will be donating a studio painted version of its next Guild!
  • Madeline Cockrell is painting an X-Wing Squadron donated by FFG
  • An anonymous donation has been made of one large commissioned 40K army - details tba later

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