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New NOCF Raffles Coming July 1st

Here is what is coming this yeare for the NOCF raffles. The ones to really watch closely to are the Sons of Horus vs Mechanicum 30k army + a mysterious anonymous donated 40k army, and a Blood Bowl set.

Remember that these armies are raffled off for Charity, meaning that you can get them for as little as $5-10. Definitely worth your effort, and the money goes to a  great cause.
You can see more here about the organization + info about past raffles.

These are Expected to Go Live July 1!
Below is a peek at some of the upcoming NOCF summer online raffles:

  • Sons of Horus vs. Mechanicum - two 30K armies completing soon!
  • Warmachine/Hordes offer: Stryker's Irregulars (8 world-famous artists from the NOCF Consortium under way)
  • Flames of War has two (2) great offers in the works (by NOCF Consortium artist Steve McCuen): Monty's Desert Rats & Rommel's Afrika Korp
  • Stiff Neck Studio / Wes Cogdal will be presenting the new Blood Bowl boxed set with custom pitch
  • Steamforged will be donating a studio painted version of its next Guild!
  • Madeline Cockrell is painting an X-Wing Squadron donated by FFG
  • An anonymous donation has been made of one large commissioned 40K army - details tba later