The Secutarii looks like they will be getting some updates for the new edition of Warhammer 40,000. There are some very nice models from both the Secutarii and the Ordinatus in the Forgeworld line up.

shared with us from the Titan Owners Club

A TOC member recently asked Forge World about the missing Secutarii rules from the index book that has the Imperium's Titans and was told that they will be included in the upcoming Fires of Cyraxus book.  Additionally, they confirmed that some of the 30k units will be making the jump to 40k with that new book as well.

"Hi Jonathan,
Thanks for the email, As far as we are aware the Mechanicum Sekutarii and the Ordinatus that all had a warhammer 40,000 stat sheet will have a new data sheet in the forth coming Forge world campaign book Fires of Cryxis.

We are requesting that the rules team release these data sheets ahead of the book release as it would be great for all of those that own these units to start using them as soon as possible.

Whilst we wait for our rules team to get back to us regarding this we would ask that you bare with us as it may be a few weeks before we hear anything further.

Until the New campaign has been announce and released we are not sure what other Mechanicum units will make the leap from the 30k universe to the 40k universe though we eager and exited to find out.

Please keep an eye on our community forum updates and Facebook posts for all of the latest and official announcements regarding rules and products.

Thanks again"

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