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Rumored Dark Imperium Price Increase

This would seem like horrible move so close to it's release, but there are rumors of a price increase to the Dark Imperium starter box. As of now the webstore and my local have not had this issue. Don't get me wrong, the new starter set is loaded up with miniatures and rulebook, so is an awesome deal, even at $200.

please remember that this point this is a rumor. I have not heard this anywhere else yet. If you have heard something along these lines, you can contact me, or post up below.

via Seahawk on Bolter and Chainsword
My FLGS went to order more starter boxes for 8th and it lists the second wave as having an MSRP of $200 USD (it also cost more for him to get).

Basically, get it now for the current price of $160, or you're SOL.

My flgs's account doesn't lie, it's going up