Battlecruisers and Advanced Sectors are the new releases from Hawk Wargames today. Very nice to get some new releases from Hawk, and to top it off both of these are releases I have been wanting to get a hold of ASAP. Who doesnt want more Battlecruisers.....

The new Battleships are a new design from Hawk, much different than the Battlecruisers of the Kickstarter launch we have. Love the new designs, and definitely need to pick up a couiple of these.

New Releases from  Hawk Wargames

UCM Battlecruiser - Johannesburg/Perth £25.00
Scourge Battlecruiser - Akuma/Banshee £25.00
Shaltari Battlecruiser - Ruby/Sapphire £25.00
PHR Battlecruiser - Agamemnon/Priam £25.00

Advanced Sectors Pack £20.00

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