I always like deals, especially when it comes to starting new armies for the Genesys Project (which is a lot of fun when you can do it for $30.) Even if your not picking up models for Genesys, Warlord Games Sprue Sale has a great sale going on right now where you can get a hold of a lot of different models for Bolt Action, Beyond the Gates of Antares, Pike and Shotte, Hail Ceaser and more.

For those of you interested in starting a humanoid army, I was able to start a new one today for less than $50, even down to $30 (which is what I picked up today).

Its all part of their Sprue Sale, where entire sprues can be bought $3+ dollars. I literally went in and bought up some Japanese Models, including Mounted Samurai, Ashigaru troops and more for $30.75. Thats quite a bit of models for $30, 42 miniatures to be exact. Of course I picked up more, but this is where I started.


Samurai Cavalry Riders Sprue × 1 $4.00    6 Mounted Samurai
Samurai Cavalry Horses Sprue × 1 $4.00   6 Horses
Samurai Infantry Sprue × 2  $6.50              5 Samurai per sprue
Ashigaru Yari Troops Sprue × 3 $9.75       5 Troop models per sprue
Ashigaru Missile Troops Sprue × 2 $6.50  5 bowmen/gunners per sprue

All together 41 models for $30.75
If you don't want Japanese Themed miniatures, there is a lot to choose from....... Greek Hoplites, Pikemen, Cannons, Roman Legionaires, and even some modern and futuristic sprues for Warlord Games Miniatures.

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