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What Codex Do You Play - It All Ends (updated)

The Poll on What Armies do you play finally ended. I was really interested in what kind of players came here, however the I started the poll just before we really knew that dark eldar were coming out. Being the obscessive person I am, I go nuts on the heels of something like that and I did a lot of dark eldar news and posts.

According to the poll, most people that come here play Dark Eldar at 36%. The rest of the majority comes in at 24% being Imperial Guard. The only thing that I really did learn was there 57% of you play a marine army of some type. I should of figured this, but it was still the only thing I that suprised me.

Anyhow here are the results, and thanks for voting.

What Codex's Do You Play?
Black Templar 7 (4%)

Blood Angels 31 (18%)
Chaos Daemons 14 (8%)
Chaos Space Marines 30 (18%)
Daemonhunters 12 (7%)
Dark Angels 5 (3%)
Dark Eldar 60 (36%)
Eldar 21 (12%)
Imperial Guard 41 (24%)
Necrons 18 (10%)
Orks 19 (11%)
Space Marines 35 (21%)
Space Wolves 25 (15%)
Tau Empire 22 (13%)
Tyranids 21 (12%)
Witch Hunters 13 (7%)
Votes so far: 165
Poll closed
Poll is updated now until it was closed today. Previous results were with 5 hours left, and it seems we had a few votes that came in afterwards.

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  1. What I am curious is if some people who played Space Wolves (and only Space Wolves) checked both Space Marines and Space Wolves. Either way, I doubt the numbers would change much.

  2. These percentages just don't add up....