Here is the last semi-finals mission from Ard Boyz in 2010. I will be putting them down onto a mission page with last years, so people can copy them and play them if they choose.

“Wot evva happened to da Speed Freeks? I thought dey was supposed to lead da charge! Oh wait, dere dey is...
- Gurftspatz, Runtherd

This mission uses Kill Points to determine victory. Advance and control up to two objectives while preventing your opponent from doing the same. Destroy your enemy’s units whenever possible.

Each player places an objective anywhere in their deployment zone. At the beginning of turn 1, the first player rolls to see where their reserves arrive from. On a 1-3 it’s the right board edge, 4-6 the left board edge, their opponent gets the opposite table edge. Units may still arrive from your normal edge as well.

Example:Player A rolls a 2 and may bring on his reserves from the right board edge as well as his normal edge. Player B gets the opposite edges for his own reserves. Note that this contradicts the standard deployment of reserves for Dawn of War deployment.

You cannot Seize the Initiative in this scenario.

Dawn of War, the first turn does not use Night Fight.

The game lasts 6 turns.

Reserves, infiltrate, outflank, deepstrike, scout

You earn 7+ more Kill Points than your opponent.

Major Victory
You earn 4 to 6 more Kill Points than your opponent.

Minor Victory
You earn 1 to 3 more Kill Points than your opponent, or you have an equal number of Kill Points and you control more objectives than your opponent.

If both players control an equal number of objectives and both players have the same number of Kill Points then the game is a tie.

+1 For each objective you control.

+1 If you killed more scoring units than your opponent

+1 If you killed the highest point enemy unit. (Declare one at the beginning of the game in the case of a tie.)

Note: Tabling your opponent will result in a Massacre (obviously!)


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